No ChatGPT for JPMorgan Employees

JPMorgan Chase has prohibited employees from using ChatGPT, the computer program that simulates written or spoken conversation with human beings, CBS News reported in late February. The restriction abides by the bank’s restriction of third-party software usage.

Amazon and Verizon Communications have also limited employee use of the OpenAI-developed chatbot, and New York City Public Schools has curtailed its use on school devices and networks, as the software can create full sentences and paragraphs that students can claim as their own. Since its November launch, the technology, developed by San Francisco-based OpenAI, has been called out for repeated instances of misuse and errors.

The chatbot works by retrieving language from its database of digital books, online writings, and other media, using the information to reply to questions that human beings pose in writing or speech.

OpenAI is reportedly working on solutions to inappropriate use of the technology, according to Mint, the Indian business news website.